Sister Corinne Bauer

Sister Corinne Bauer

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 2:38 PM

Hi everyone!
Here I am, a missionary with 2 weeks left at the MTC! It is so great! Things have been really busy and crazy but for the most part I have been having a blast! I did initiatories today at the temple and it was super awesome! I also was lucky enough to see mom and grandma at the temple last week! Sister Markland, Sister Foy, and Sister Painter were with me, I was on an exchange with sister Painter which was why Sis dub wasn't with me. don't worry, she is still my companion! Oh mom! Would you mind doing me a favor and getting a poppy in some form for elder robinson? He wants one for the 11th of November, being an army guy and all... If you got one for me by friday it would totally make my life!

Life is good at the MTC, I have been a bit sick but things will be better soon I am sure! I can't wait to go to Korea! I am having trouble thinking of anything interesting to tell you all about, the problem with the MTC is that life is pretty similar from day to day. Learning Korean is pretty intense stuff but I find myself falling in love with the language and with language in general as I lear the little details that make Korean Korean. I got a letter from Aunt Maryanne today and she told me that one of the elder's going to Thailand is my cousin! That was awesome and suprising because we see the Thai missionaries every single day and I had no idea! hopefully I will be able to find out which one it is and introduce myself soon!

Sister Becky! My friend Sister Foy who is also going to Korea is from your mission! She is from Tennessee! So if you meet any Foy's, they are the best, I am completely sure of it.

I am starting to get a little sad to be leaving all of the friends I have made so far, but I know that I will maintain my friendships with them forever, that's what I do. I have never so quickly come to love so many people so much, it is amazing to me. When the illusive "they" say that you always make forever friends, "they" are not lying. I love these people, they are my peeps. I don't know how I have turned so ghetto but it has happened. Sister Markland was speaking Korean Ghetto style the other day and it almost killed me, she cracks me up. Not phony in the least.

I love my zone and district so much! There are now 18 sisters and 7 elders! 7 of them are from Korea and will be leaving with us on the 21 of November, it is all very exciting. We are a group of individuals for sure but we make a perfect team. My District- 1. Sister painter, she is a nursing student and really smart and passionate 2. Sister Westrup, an Art history major who always makes me feel better when I am discouraged, she had hip surgery a couple weeks ago but is doing really well now! 4. Sister Milius, She is super intelligent and thinks deep thoughts, she is also very good, unlike myself, and she makes me want to be more pure... except that I kind of super like my sarcastic side 4. Sister Barber, she is a convert of 6 years, she is super sweet and will change lives in Korea, I know it. 5. Sister Markland, is awesome, in love with professor snape, and is always up to hijinx. Love. 6. Sister Foy is an elementary ed major, she is kind and sweet and hilarious, and when neither of us can sleep we party it up quietly in the hall together. 7. Sisters Evans is a Canadian French Immersion teacher, she is super fun and a little bit crazy. 8. Sister Rovelsky is so awesome, she is always smiling and saying things like to' up, which sounds super funny coming from her tiny self. 9. Sister Washburn, my companion, she is an amazing story teller and will do great things in the world, I cannot wait to see what she will do! 10. Me, the best. 11. Elder Greer, he is from Thailand but was adopted from an orphanage when he was 4, there is a sweet picture of him in puffy pants at the orphanage which makes me want to die of cuteness. 12. Elder Robinson is from Lehi and went to Westpoint! He will return to Westpoint as soon as he gets off his mission and will become an army guy! He also has a dimple that came from hitting his face on a corner as a child! I love my district so much! We all get along really well which is great because we have to do exchanges like daily! I love getting to know each of them, they make my life.

Well homeslices, I totally love you all. I miss you so much but man, I am so glad to be here! I cannot wait to be in the wild first world country of Korea, it's going to be epic, I have no doubt. It is so much fun even just anticipating my future in Korea, I can't believe it will really happen, but It will!!! I am so excited I can hardly breathe! I love you all so much!
I was going to type some korean for you but the onscreen keyboard wouldn't come up and my skills are quite limited... But much love!
Sister Bauer

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  1. Great job Corrine! It sounds like you are doing great! We are very proud of you!