Sister Corinne Bauer

Sister Corinne Bauer

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 10:51 AM

Family and stuff,
Last Week
Hiya folks! I'm a missionary... suprise! (rebekizzle style) learning korean is tough but man , it is great! I have heard tale that it is the second hardest language in the MTC, second only to finnish. So you know, I'm a genius. As I wrote this email out on paper first I watched a curious encounter amongst birds. These two cute little finches walked diagnally toward one another then knd of danced around as if to say hello but then walked away seperately without acknowledging that anything had happened. These are the kinds of things you notice on pday when you are so used to always being busy and are suddently confronted with free time.

My dear companion has come up with a list of ways you know you are a missionary: 1. you always talk as if you are praying (I need thy help) 2. your spirit overcomes your body and you run into things without knowing and drool in your sleed (I would never do that but she does :)) laugh about everything 4. you get so excited that you want to cry about mud pudding with worms. 5. you forget what things like cell phones, google, and facebook even are.

We have time every day for tall (technology assisted langauge learning) which sis dub (w) and I abouid like the plague. we do this by going to choir and we reward ourselves when we actually use tall by watching mormon messages and I am a mormon clips! So cool, you should watch them!
Sister washburn is the best story teller ever. She has made up stories that play like movies in my head as she tells them. We tell stories every pday and i know all kinds of things that I can hold over her head later.

We heard from russel M nelson on tuesday adn it was great! on sunday we heard from a guy who told about using drinking fountains at church to spray kids in the face and then related himself to satan! Awesome!

This week!!!

This past week has been intense! lots of hard work and sadly illness which is now mostly gone. Funny story: friday before class i was feeling so sick and we were walking to class, I started to cry. Then my teacher, brother anderson, yelled boo to scare me, saw that I was crying and asked me waht was wrong. Anyway he got the elders to give me a blessing and I returned to bed for three or four hours and woke up much improved!
The older district leaves in a week and so do the native koreans that got here only like a week ago! Sisters Knapp and Gonparev though are headed to seoul so I will see them agian.

I only have 8 weeks left here, only 8 weeks left with sis dub as my companion! She is already one of my best friends and heros. How lucky I am. I love being a missionary, i never thought i would but I do!

Conference was amazing, as a missionary everything becomes applicable. we learned so much but there was a lot of sitting without couches or snacking! President Monson must have given all of his talks directly to me, sorry everyone else!@

Sunday's fireside we heard from Chad lewis, he is from orem and played football, he was an awesome speaker.

Sis dub and i call ourselves eachothers strange disabilities, but we love acho other so it is okay! in one week we will be the only korean district and a week after that we will get new missionaries who will laughably think that our korean is great!
We had a very discouraging lesson on wednesday when we tried to explain the preexistance, bro anderson acting as our investiagator said that he thought satans plan was better when we asked him. we finally were able to convince him that jesus had it right when he asked us to explain a word which we did not understand... it ended up meaning agency and we explained, as soon as that crisis was averted I accidentally told him that we can become like god. He being methodist got super upset and said that wasnt possible. We told him to pray about it and the lesson was over. The next lesson with him went very well, we just found out his expectations and answered his questions. He told us that he loves his family and the book of mormon but that he knows they will hate him if he joins the church and god will if he doesn't. we didn't have an answer to that so we told him to ask god.
Our investigator for brother ball is super easy (bro ball goes easy on us, praise the lord) we were able to commit him to keep the word of wisdom even though he has qualms about green tea that we couldn't resolve.

As a missionary I have been able to see my own talents grow and strehgthen. It said they wouid in my patriarchal blessing and now i am watching it come true! Everyone here is very appreciative of talents.

There is an elder that is friendswith sis dub from before and now is my friend. He is going to chile, leaves next week and is an awesome missionary. I know that skyler and forrest would both be awesome like him and even better if (and when) they serve missions and even in regular life.

the elders in my class are awesome! Elder Robinson went to west point and was in the army he got special permission to leave for a mission! Elder greer is adopted from thailand, he lived in an orphanage there until he was 4 and he is awesome, always singing, and a great example.

Sister gonparev calls me sister baby, because of my quilts and stuffed animals. I love it! She is from Mongolia! the other day i asked her if since i am sister baby she is sister grandma, she happened to be drinking at the time and spewed water all over the table! It was so funny. she is only 21.

I will write more about my friends here in my letter for I am running short on time! I love you guys so much! You make me proud to be a missionary, I can't wait to be home, but more than that I cannot wait to be in Korea!!!! It is coming soon and so sweet!!!!!

Love you,
Sister Corinne Bauer
MTC Mailbox 161
Kor-Seo 1121
2005 N 900 E
Provo UTah 84604
(especially for becky!
and aubree, i sent you mail to your parents... i hope you got it)

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