Sister Corinne Bauer

Sister Corinne Bauer

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 10:00 AM

To folks:

So the most exciting thing ever happened today! Just as I sat down to start my email a half an hour ago the fire alarm went off and 2500 missionaries crossed the street evacuating the MTC! It was super fun, we thought it might be real at first but then we noticed that the lawn mowers and weed wackers were still mowing lawns and wacking weeds. It was very exciting but also quite cold so my fingers are now a little frozen like and hard to type with! It is so fun to be a missionary, suprises every day!

We were able to do sealings in the temple this morning! It was awesome! Our whole class (elder greer, elder robinson, elder lee, me, sis dub, sis rovelsky and sis evans) were able to do it together! It was really a cool experience and it was especially cool because it was elder lee's last pday with us before he leaves for korea on wednesday! He was supposed to leave last monday but the church legal system was still trying to figure out if he would be drafted upon arriving in korea. We still don't know for sure but if he is he will have a couple of days to leave korea and will finish his mission somewhere else! It is really cool because our whole class is going to seoul, except for elder robinson who is going to vancouver, but we will be able to write him which will be really fun!

The new district comes in on wednesday! 4 sisters and 2 elders will be coming and it will be so awesome! That means our zone and branch will consist of 18 people, still pretty small actually but really great! We are really excited to meet them and to pretend to be really good at korean so they will be impressed with us. Actually, on your first day in the MTC it doesn't take much korean to impress you so we are pretty lucky! Only 5 weeks left at the MTC! The 12th week hardly counts because we will leave on monday most likely! It is crazy because we know that our return dates are february 28th of 2013! That is not so far away so we will really need to work hard in the field! In the fireside on sunday President Hacking of the MTC District Presidency talked to us (he also sat in on our district meeting and sacrament, and suprisingly turned out to be sis dub's cousin!) He reminded us that we will be "somebody's" missionary, that is crazy to think about and is a blessing and responsibility that we are lucky to have.

Last Tuesday night sister Julie B. Beck spoke to us! It was such a great talk and it was so cool to see her even from across the auditorium! Some of the sisters from the other class in our district got to shake her hand! She talked about how more than baptism we need to teach our investigators with eternal covenants in mind.

Yesterday Sister dub and I were teaching a lesson to our teacher brother ball as our investigator, and it was crazy. He asked us some questions we didn't know how to answer in korean so we brokenly tried to answer them and then I said, "shall we pray?" completely out of nowhere because I was so lost:), we were all ready to bust up laughing but we withheld the urge and kept our composure. But then sis dub accidentally called him to immediate repentance right then in front of us, basically she said, "Will you repent now, here, with us?" anyway, none of us could take it any longer and for two minutes straight we all laughed with out any hope of stopping, tears were leaking from brother ball's eyes and I felt like I might pee my pants. finally brother ball said, "Let's pray," and we prayed, and laughed our way all the way back to class. When brother ball returned he of course pretended like he had no idea what was going on because he is never supposed to admit to being our investigator.

Colds have been going around like crazy! Sis dub has been sick for like a week, but she always works so hard, it is amazing! One of the sisters in our district found out she has a tear in the cartilage of her hip and will most likely have to have surgery! It is crazy and we are all praying for her but she seems to be doing really well, and will be able to stay at the MTC, though she may have to leave for korea a little bit after us depending on her recovery. Otherwise though things are awesome.

I gave a talk on sunday in korean!!! It went really well actually and I was pretty excited about it! Sister Foy also spoke and she did a really good job as well. I am really having a blast for the most part but a really hard blast :). I am learning tons and I cannot wait to go to korea! Though, I am sure when we are ready to leave I will think I need more time at the MTC! It is so awesome here, but I can't wait for some bi bim bop!!! Being a missionary is great, I can tell that the people in my district will be my best friends forever and I love it!

You are all awesome and I am so excited every time I get a letter from any of you!

I love you,

Sister Corinne Bauer

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