Sister Corinne Bauer

Sister Corinne Bauer

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 10:07 AM

Holy wow... I cannot believe that it is already my 8th week at the MTC!!! It is crazy go nuts! The new district got here tuesday and they are super aweseom! We have 18 people total in our zone and branch now, it is so small but we all love each other! Sister Westrup had her surgery on friday and My companion Sis dub went with her, we were seperated all day and it felt crazy! Meanwhile I was with sis Westrup's companion, sister painter, and it was awesome! We taught double our usual load so we got plenty done, which was terrific!

Sister Becky, this is a shout out! Happy Birthday! I have a card and everything for you but I didn't have your address until yesterday I got your letter! I love you and your birthday celebration from me will be in the mail today! I love you!
I started the Book of Mormon when I arrived at the MTC and Sunday I finished it! Yesterday I restarted and I hope to finish again by the time I leave the MTC! My goal is to finish it every transfer for my whole mission which will hopefully leave me quite the scriprorian. I really do love the book of mormon and I love reading from it. Last Friday in class we read the book of mormon together, it was really great as it always is. Midway through my teacher, Brother Ball (from Newzealand), decided to read with an "american" accent, it was awful and we were all dying laughing. Then we each tried to read in a New zealander accent, everyone failed except for elder greer and ME!!!!!!!!! Thank you Flight of the Concords for familiarizing me with what a New Zealander should sound like, even Brother ball was impressed. It was super fun. And worry not, we still felt the spirit.

Our investigator, portrayed by brother ball, was baptized monday! It was a very complicated situation because we scheduled his interview for sunday when we couldn't meet with him. so when we met with him monday night we didn't know if he had already been baptized, failed the interview, or would be baptized in our appointment. He solved the proble though by saying, " I was baptized today, weren't you there?" and we of course said that we were. Teaching fake investigators can be exceedingly complicated when it wants to be!

I have been running like the wind recently and waking up early to go to the special sisters only exercise class! Can you believe it? I hardly can! Saturday night I pumped out a 2 mile run, it was super sweet and by the end of my time at the MTC I would love to be able to run 4 or 5. It is going to happen, I just know it. Sister Rovelsky and I are planning on training for a Marathon together when we get back and eventually and iron man, crazy, I know, but we can do it! I have decided that as a missionary I want to be the best I can be in every way, not just spiritually, so soon I will be of the speedy sort. Not while I walk though... I still mosey... But I love the world and I don't like to miss it in my haste.

Recently my tummy has been feeling yucky a lot so I have tried to limit the milk in my diet and it really seems to be helping, plus, the rice milk here is bomb! I am doing so well, it is great! I cannot believe that we leave the MTC in less than a month! It is so crazy, sometimes I can't wait (most times), but sometimes it makes me want to throw up. I just really want to be in korea, teaching, learning, and eating! Also buying stationary :). THe MTC though is super fun and I will really miss my teachers and the other missionaries. It will be especially hard to seperate from my companion, but I know that my other companions will be just as important to me and that I will love them as well.

I have loved the ease and frequency of receiving mail while in the MTC, it will be hard to not get mail as often in Korea, but I can do it, and it will be a party. I really hard party, but a party all the same. Being a missionary is awesome! Everything is amplified, the spirit is strong, happiness is ever present, and laughter never ceases. We really all love each other so much and it is awesome to see how we are becoming a family. They always say that you make lifelong friends on your missions and I can already see that it is true, In this short time i have met so many people that my life would be incomplete without. It is really awesome. It is also awesome to bring the gospel into the lives of those we teach. In the TRC we teach members as members, it is difficult because we have to find new things to teach to people who often know more about the gospel than we do, as we follow the spirit we find what they need and it is really beautiful. All of the people we teach in TRC are returned missionaries, at least so far, but no one has a perfect knowledge of the gospel so we can all be helped by its messages.

I love you all so much! I love writing to you and hearing from you! Thank you for everything!


Your Missionary

Sister Corinne Bauer

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