Sister Corinne Bauer

Sister Corinne Bauer

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 10:07 AM

Week Two

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 10:07 AM

My dear Family and Friends!!!
I love being a missionary! I know that so far I am only at the MTC and am only teaching fake investigators, but still it feels good! Sister Washburn and I are really learning to work together synergetically as we strive to feel the spirit and work to meet the needs of our two investigators. We teach two lessons in Korean everyday, and it seems stressful but once we are in the lesson we find it easy to do what needs to be done and to help our investigators feel the spirit! It is so wonderful to be here feeling the spirit all of the time. We find ourselves singing hymns almost always and for the most part we are never unhappy. We just had a native Korean move into our room with us and another will be moving in tonight! It was so exciting, and despite the still large language barrier we are able to really help and love this sister. It will be awesome to see how having her in our district will improve the language skills of a ll of us.
I was so excited to get packages and letters this week! It is so awesome to be able to feel the love of all of you from home while I am here at the mtc. It is so weird to me that the MTC is in provo, it feels like a secret land that exists in a different world. Whenever I have opportunity to be outside the gates, I am suprised to think how close I am to home!

Sister Washburn, is so awesome! She is nice to everyone, and impossible not to love! She is five foot nine and super thin so we make a really good team and a visually interesting pair. We have so much fun laughing together. We spend our Pdays telling eachother stories about our lives and learning more about one another. We are both very similar and very different. We even harmonize together. I don{t know if I told you last week, but in title at least I am senior companion, and at six weeks we will trade. It is nice to be able to always have one person make the final decision when we are feeling indecisive, except that that person is me.

The other companionship in our room is composed of Sisters Evans and Rovelsky. They are both really awesome and we all get along very well. Sister Evans is from Canada and she is a French teacher! Sister Rovelsky is from Ohio and her dad through up on Mitt Romney while serving his mission. She also believes in the illuminati and it is so funny to hear her passionately talking about JZ and Beyonce forming a secret combination. I love them both so much. I am sure that as I get to know the other two sisters who moved in yesterday and today I will love them just as much! They will only be here for three weeks though, but maybe I will see them in Korea!

We have two teachers now, and two schedulre class time each day. One of the teachers Brother Ball is from New Zealand and he sounds like Jermaine. I think of Flight of the Conchords like every day. He is really awesome and a great teacher. He is also now acting as one of our investigators but when he does he never breaks character. He also pretends like he has no idea what we taught our investigator in class. It is really funny because he is not a very good liar, so even if we couldn{t see him when we taught him we would still know.

Our other teacher, Brother Anderson is also really awesome. He started out as our first investigator and we didn{t know that he would be our teacher. It was really funny though because he was supposed to be korean but he is obviously a caucasian man. Still, every time we went in to teach a lesson with him I found myself believing that he was korean. It was so funny though because in our last lesson with him sister WAchburn called him sister and we found out that we had been calling him the wrong name the whole time. It was so funny! Now he teaches us once a day and he acts as a new investigator as well. The original investigator he acted as got baptized, or at least that is what they tell us.

Last tuesday elder Russel M. Ballard and his wife spoke to us in the devotional! It was really awesome. There is something special about being in the same room as a general authority. I loved it so much! On sunday President wilkins and his wife spoke to us, I didn{t know who they were before, but I do now! They were both so personable and I want his wife to be my best friend. She had a laugh that melted me! I learned about saying things melt me from Sister Wachburn.

The temple today was really awesome, I felt the spirit so strongly. I love my heavenly father and I can feel his love for me. I am so excited to be a missionary and to be able to share his love with the world. I know that my savior loves me, I also know that he loves each of us. I know that his atonement was both infinite and intimate, and that through his atonement he is with us every single second, because I know that he experienced everything we experience. Every action we take, he is there with, feeling what we feel and suffering the pains of repentance and the joys of our love, even when we don{t realize that he is there. He loves us so very much and I am so very grateful to him.

I love you all and I am so happy that I know you. You are all amazing, expect letters soon!
Sister Corinne BAuer

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